Monday, June 7, 2010

An update for the Clothier Jr's

First we are excited that Ben had switched routes and now is in town, which means a happy Christie cause he isn't working such long hours anymore.
This last Friday we got to take Reyna and two of her friends to Romero Pools, it was a seven mile hike. I really think that I may have died at least seven time there and back. I was cursing the hike all the way there and back, and have a killer sunburn. But after getting all that complaining out I enjoyed watching Reyna and Ben have so much fun jumping into the pools off cliffs.

Reyna just finished 6th grade... she is officially in Jr. High ... I am SOOOOO FREAKED out by this!!! We are very proud of her, she tried out for the CDO club teams, and made the State Team!!! She will be competing all over the state and has two big tournaments out of state.

Josalyn is going into 4th grade. She is doing really well with everything. She's such a sweet girl. She "stole" a kitten from her Grandma Clothier's house, her cat had kittens. And I am too much of a mush to tell her to take it back, so we now have a cat. She bridged over in Girl Scouts.

Kia is going into 2nd grade. She is such a ham!! Two of my favorite quotes the past month from her:
Kia and I were watching the news, she saw the volcano in Iceland erupting. She looks at me with BIG eyes.
Kia: Mom, volcanos are real?
Me: Yes, why would you think they weren't real?
Kia: Well I thought they were extinct.

Rey wanted her team to go to a soccer tournament in New Mexico, she was talking to me about it in the car.
Reyna: Mom why isn't our team going to that tournament in New Mexico?
Kia: Cause we don't speak their language
Reyna: What are you talking about Kia, what language do they speak?
Kia: Uhhhh New Mexican of course, DUHH!!!

Peyton turned 15 months yesterday. Oh how I love her so. She is talking to much!! :) Yesterday she said Josy for the first time, it sounded more like "Osy" She says "Eay" for Reyna and "Ia" for Kia. She said "Pwese" for please. I love being with her everyday and learning the world through her eyes.

Our Family Pictures

So my amazing friend Cherise Glauser took our family pictures in Febuary... sorry that it has taken me this long to post them.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Happy Love Day!!

I love Ben..
he is my best friend,
my heart,
he makes me laugh,
he makes me giggle,
he is funny
yet serious,
he loves me with all of him
and I see it every time he looks at me.
He protects me
makes me feel secure.
He gave me four beautiful girls.
He brought the gospel into my life,
and he is my rock when I am in doubt
of myself.

I love him because he has the other pieces of my heart. HE came along and put it back together so neatly.

I love him with all that I am and have.

Day Thirteen

Today Ben and I had our Love Day Celebration! He asked me what it was that I wanted to do, I wanted to go see Valentine's Day... and go to my favorite lil restaurant Paradise Cafe. He said okay let's go, made plans for the babysitter.... and off we went. I love him for not saying anything.. although I knew he didn't really want to go see that movie, and he is more of a steak and potatoes kinda guy. I love him for that.

Day Twelve

I love spending quiet time with Benny. Even if it is just laying in bed holding hands, it is so nice. When we let go of the everyday things and get lost in us.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Day Eleven

I love that Ben adores our girls so much. Although I know that it breaks his heart that he doesn't have his boy to rough house with (even though he forgets at times that we DO have Little Girls haha) and play sports with. Not a day goes by that he doesn't tell them how beautiful and loved they are. At times I wonder if he knows how to raise girls, but I think he has it down better than I do.

Day Ten

I love that this week I have been able to enjoy all day with my Benny. Although I can easily get annoyed I am taking advantage of our time together. When I say annoyed I am such a crab. I find myself getting easily frustrated with not getting the things I usually get done all day... laundry, dishes, cleaning... but who does that. ' I am frustrated that I'm not cleaning' there is something really wrong with my brain.

But I have been telling myself to let go of the frustration and just cherish these days, I don't get them often enough!!